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Lesson 10 - Financial Inventory

Jun 06, 2023

Lesson 10 - Financial Inventory

Foundation 3 of Financial Sobriety School is Financial Inventory. 

Yes, that means collecting all of the information about your money. 

I know this sounds scary but stick with me! One thing people tell me all the time is that when they finally have a look at their money their anxiety starts to ease up. There is always a fear narrative going through our minds because it is the unknown. It’s time to collect that information so it’s no longer the unknown and you can take this step with your Financial Sobriety. 

What it means to have a Financial Inventory is to have all the information about your money. 

Your Financial Inventory includes: 

  • Bank accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Investment accounts (retirement, long term savings etc)
  • Debt
  • Expenses
  • Income

This seems like alot, I totally understand. 

To help support you I created a template for you to do your Financial Inventory! Find it right here:

The template leads you through gathering all the information and you will have everything all in one place. 

What I suggest is to do something to get your nervous system and your mood/mindset ready to gather this information. 

Some of my fave nervous system resets are: 

  • Shaking, yes literally standing up and shaking however your body needs
  • Tapping , a great video for you to follow along is here:
  • Get outside for a walk and fresh air
  • Cold therapy, it’s as simple as even taking a cold shower

Make a cozy space, get your fave drink and let’s look at your money!