Are you stuck in the cycle of addictive, impulsive,

compulsive spending? 


 Introducing Financial Sobriety School's Group Class


 6 week group course starting October 16, 2023

Hi.....I'm Linda

I am the founder of Financial Sobriety School.

What is Financial Sobriety?

Financial Sobriety is stopping the cycle of addictive spending, the shame spiral, spending hangover and start sober spending. You will create daily habits to stop accumulating debt, planning your spending, start saving for your hopes and dreams. Have confidence as you put your financial literacy to use and make sober decisions with your money. 

Breaking Free is the group class that is going to take you through the 5 steps to break free from addictive spending: 

  1. Understanding Financial Feelings
  2. Identifying Triggers
  3. Financial Inventory
  4. Sober Spending
  5. Financial Sobriety Tools

The 5 steps will take you from feeling out of control with your spending to feeling hopeful for your Financial Sobriety. 

Are you ready to Break Free from addictive spending with your money? 

I can't wait for you to join us!

~ Linda Parmar - Financial Sobriety Expert

Here is what you will accomplish

in the 6 week course:

Week 1

Understanding your Financial Feelings

  • Learning about the foundation of Financial Sobriety and how to incorporate this into your life.
  • Checking in with your emotions/feelings when you start working on your money. 
  • Creating a grounded practice to connect with your money 
  • Turning your decisions from from unconscious to conscious and make clear, aligned, mindful decisions with your money. 
  • Understand why you are the way you are with money and identifying what you want to change to THRIVE with your money. 
  • Being intentional with feelings and being in touch with your body as you navigate feeling safety with money.


Week  2 

Identifying Triggers

  • Understanding what leads you to addictive spending.
  • Self reflection of your patterns and behaviours that are coming up in your spending and why. 
  • Creating emotional awareness of when you are spending.
  • Identify stores, websites etc. where you frequently spend.
  • Where is social pressure showing up in your spending?
  • Investigating the window of resilience in supporting your financial decisions.
  • What are you trying to heal with your spending?
  •  Starting to become mindful with your spending and be intentional with what you are buying. 
  • Understanding needs vs. wants when spending.

Week 3

Sober Spending

  • Breaking the cycle of addictive and impulse spending. 
  • Learning how to make clear, aligned, intentional, mindful decisions with your money.
  • Make decisions with spending money from a sober mindset. 
  • Planning your spending with a spending plan
  • Investigating the "why" behind the buy. 
  • Weighing needs vs. wants when deciding on the purchase of an item. 
  • Setting spending boundaries to ensure that you are spending in alignment with your goals. 
  • Understanding and practicing the power of the pause. 




Week 4

Financial Inventory

  • Collecting your data on your fixed expenses/bills and have the information all in one place
  • Gather information regarding your income, whether from job, self-employment, retirement income etc. 
  • Create worksheet that details your debt with balances, minimum payments and interest rates. This information will be used to create a debt payback plan.
  • Complete a subscription inventory to ensure that you are using all the apps and services you are paying for.
  • Understand your annual and periodic expenses to create a system to save money monthly for these costs.
  • Have an overall understanding of your money and what you plan to do with it.

Week 5 

Financial Sobriety Tools

  • Exploring the many resources available to you to help managing your Financial Sobriety.
  • Find out what is the best way for you to keep track of your money with either apps, spreadsheets etc. 
  • Get a system of accounts that work for you to spend your money.
  • Explore having money dates with yourself and organizing your money and CELEBRATING your money.
  • Create a daily practice to connect with your money
  • Investigating the window of resilience in supporting your financial decisions.
  • Completing stress cycle of money and not hanging on to money stress

Week 6

Wrap up and  celebrations

  • Celebrate all that you have accomplished breaking free from addictive spending.
  • Determine what next steps to take to ensure you follow through with your action plan.
  • Identify your biggest takeaway with your Financial Sobriety and what you are excited about moving forward. 
  • Ensuring you have all the information you need to feel confident in working your Financial Sobriety. 
  • Practice being PROUD of yourself. 


One Payment

$437 CAD

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I'm SO ready!

3 Payments

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I'm SO ready!

My story is that I have been exactly where you are.  


I hit rock bottom with my money in 2017. I almost lost everything. 

I had been addictively overspending my money my whole life but when I got sober from alcohol I starting using spending as a coping mechanism for filling the void. Trying to change my feelings of unhappiness with that dopamine hit of buying something that I thought was going to make my life so much happier.

It never made me happier. 

It dug me in an incredibly deep hole of shame, embarrassment and self sabotaging. 

Starting money coaching was the first step that I took. After uncovering all the patterns and behaviours and understanding my addiction to spending I knew that I needed to make this my work to share with the world. 

I am making my mess my message. 

It has been a hard process of working my Financial Sobriety but it has been so rewarding. 

I can proudly say that last year my husband and I paid off the last of our credit card debt! There was A LOT of it. 

I have been working as a money coach for 5 years now and I am so excited that this year I launched Financial Sobriety School. 

This course, Breaking Free, is essential to breaking the cycle of addictive spending.

You belong here. I see you. I am you. Come join me and start Breaking Free. 

One Payment

$437 CAD

One time payment

I'm SO ready!

3 Payments

3 x $145 CAD

Payment Plan

I'm SO ready!


Financial Sobriety School's Group Class - Breaking Free


 You are worthy of Breaking free from addictive spending.


 The course begins on


Monday October 16, 2023


Facebook Group for support with

  1 Weekly LIVE Group Class -   

Mondays and Thursdays: 


Mondays @ 4:00 PST/6:00 CST/7:00 EST

There will be weekly videos to watch and weekly live classes.

This will take approximately 1.5 hours of your week. 

Wendy K.

"I never thought I would feel successful with my money. I was convinced that I could never figure it out. Until I met Linda. Taking Linda's group coaching was exactly what I needed to be happy with the progress I am making. I highly recommend Linda's groups to ANYONE who thinks they will never be good with money."

One Payment

$437 CAD

One time payment

I'm SO ready!

3 Payments

3 x $145 CAD

Payment Plan

I'm SO ready!