Your Money, Your Recovery

The Podcast

I am so excited that my LIFELONG dream of putting my message about money is finally here. 

Your Money, Your Recovery is live and I can't wait for you to listen. 

This podcast is about money and recovery.

I am a woman in recovery from addiction that is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and Certified Money Coach ©. I am a Recovery Coach who helps women with their money. 

I will bring weekly tips and conversation about healing your relationship with money. I also have guest episodes where I do live one on one coaching. They are such beautiful conversations.

Click on images below to listen to the pod!  

What is Money Coaching

I use unique coaching techniques to help my clients solve their common problems associated with money choices, patterns and day to day management of money issues. Money Coaching enables me to assist you in identifying and moving beyond your restrictions. 

I truly believe that starting with understanding why you are the way you are with money and how you got there. Once we get there you will realize what you want to change and we work together with how you can do this. 

It's a transformative process.

Book your FREE 30 minute coaching call with me, I would love to talk to you more about it. 

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