Are you ready to  heal your relationship with food and money?




Join our group coaching program that starts

October 11-November 15, 2022.

Live coaching calls take place on Tuesday from 4:00 PST/7:00 EST.

Meet the coaches..


Hi, we are Bronwen and Linda..

We met early into the pandemic and loved spending time together and we were always excited to talk about our passion - coaching women in recovery. 

Bronwen is a substance use and disordered eating coach and Linda is a money coach. 

As time went on we knew we had to collaborate with our work. 

There is so many similarities when it comes to our relationship with money and food. 

Restriction does not welcome abundance into your life. 

Have you tried to create a budget in your life and restrict your spending and it led to binge spending? 

Have you tried to go on a diet and restrict certain foods and this leads to binge eating? 

This is often the story that Bronwen and Linda hear from their clients. 

We created this group coaching because we know many women feel this way with money and food. 

It's time to reclaim your power and heal your relationship with money and food. 

Are you ready?

We would love for you to join us!


~ Bronwen Thorburn, Full Circle Coaching

Certified Health Professional, Certified Professional Recovery Coach, She Recovers Coach

~ Linda Parmar, Linda Parmar Coaching

Certified Money Coach©, Financial Recovery℠ Counsellor,Certified Professional Recovery Coach, She Recovers ® Coach, Trauma of Money Method™ Certified Practitioner 

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$247 USD

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 Let's reclaim your power. 


Here is what you will discover in this group coaching program


  • Week 1 - Investigating Rules

    We often will learn behaviours and habits with food and money from our childhood and growing up. We will dive into what rules you have with food and money that are no longer serving you and how to help support your mindset to say goodbye to rules that are keeping you stuck.


  • Week 2 - Restriction vs Bingeing 

    Restriction with food and money is very common in our society. Restriction can lead to binge eating or spending (aka overspending). We will dig under the surface to understand how we have restricted our spending and our food. These cycles and habits are exhausting and understanding why you do it and why creating freedom in your choices will help you heal.   


  • Week 3 - Create Balance With Your Relationship With Money and Food

    Balance with our money and food is important to have a healthy relationship. We will focus on how to create balance with our money and our food with CHOICE. We get to choose what we eat and spend our money. Feel empowered by your choices. 


  • Week 4 - Mindfulness with Food and Money

    Practicing mindfulness overall is such a benefit to our recovery. When we choose to also do this with our relationship with food and money it will help support our choices overall.  Being present and being able to make conscious decisions will retrain our brain and build new neural pathways aka new healthy habits!  


  • Week 5 - Practicing Self Compassion with Food and Money

    We have all beat ourselves up enough. Let's remove the shame and all those other feelings that come up and start to be gentle with ourselves and our choices with food and money. You deserve to feel happy with your relationship with food and money. We will walk you through steps to help support you to feel proud of the work you are doing. 


  • Week 6 - Giving Yourself Permission

    We will celebrate the work you have done in this program. We will get really clear on the biggest takeaways you have had and what your life with food and money is feeling like now. Give yourself permission to practice what you have learned and how to make this possible. Give yourself the permission to let go of what you need and invite in the beautiful abundance of reclaiming. 

Do you have balance with your relationship with money and food?

Join us to RECLAIM your power and feel worthy of abundance.

One Payment

$247 USD

One time payment

I'm SO ready!

3 Payments

3 x $84 USD

Payment Plan

I'm SO ready!