Discover the 5 STEPS to get UNSTUCK with your money!



It's time to get UNSTUCK with your MONEY!


Discover the 5 steps to get yourself on track, pay off your debt and start saving money. 


In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


5 Tips To Getting UNSTUCK With Your Money 

Learn the 5 tips to getting on UNSTUCK with your money, starting to pay off your debt, and FINALLY start saving some money. 


How to achieve Financial Recovery/Sobriety

Now that you have transformed yourself in your recovery it's time to work on your money. Learn the one thing that is holding you back from getting on track. It's not what you think!


How To Do The Hard Things

Money can feel hard. This masterclass will take you off that road and get you on the right path! As Glennon Doyle says "We can do hard things". You have accomplished so much in your recovery and now it's time to get you UNSTUCK with your money!

I am so excited to host 3 LIVE Masterclasses, and yes, I will be there LIVE. 

It is really important to me to ensure that there is a time/day that works for you to come to the masterclass so I have chosen three days/times. I hope one of them works for you! Can't wait to see you there. 

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I am hosting THREE live Masterclasses. Choose what one works best for you below.

Hi, I'm Linda....


I help women in recovery with their relationship with money.

I have been sober from alcohol for 6 years and counting! When I was into my recovery for two years it was obvious I needed to change my behaviours with money. I was addicted to spending money. My addiction to spending money got way worse when I got sober. I was changing one addiction for another. 

Today I can proudly say that money is something that I am so appreciative of and the lessons it has taught me in my recovery. 

I can't wait to share my steps to getting on track with your money. See you there!

~ Linda Parmar, Certified Money Coach© 

Professional Recovery Coach

She Recovers® Coach

It's time to get UNSTUCK with MONEY!


  • Do you feel stuck with money? You don't know where to start? Does money keep you up at night? Does money cause you anxiety, stress, panic and many other feelings? I will walk you through the 5 steps on how to get you UNSTUCK with your money. 
  • Time to start paying off your debt and start to save some of your money. Have you been trying for years to do this?
  • You have worked so hard to confront your addiction and recovery. Next step is to work on your financial recovery. Let's simplify your money.

How do you know if you are STUCK with my money?


When I think of feeling stuck with money I think of not knowing how to move forward. Feeling frozen. Feeling scared. Feeling angry. Feeling sad. Feeling unworthy. All the feels about your relationship with money. 

Money can be super overwhelming which is why we often feel STUCK. We have no idea how to move forward and sometimes don't even want to. 

It is important to start to move forward with money. If you feel stuck with money, is that serving you? Is that working for you? Let's get you unstuck.