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My goal in my coaching practice is to help women change their patterns and behaviours with money that are keeping them stuck. 

I create a non judgemental, safe space to help you explore your relationship with money. 

If you are ready to look under the surface, I am here to guide you to money freedom. 

One-on-One Coaching

Customized coaching programs designed to meet you where you're at along your money journey. 

Here are some things we will explore: 

  • Overall understanding of your finances and focus in on what your goals are with your money.
  • Identifying where you are with money, what you want to change and an action plan with how to change it.
  • Write out your money story and get tailored coaching specific to your past experience with money and how to start moving forward.
  • Put into place a plan to payoff your debt and start saving money.
  • Put together a spending plan (aka budget) and following through with sticking to your plan.
  • Track your spending.
  • Connecting to the emotions surrounding your spending. 
  • Accountability to me with support to follow up with action steps to empower you with your money.
  • Understanding your patterns and behaviours with money and why you are doing what you do and changing what no longer serves you.

Want to talk more? I would LOVE to support you and your relationship with money. 

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Group Coaching

Join one of our 6 week Group Coaching sessions held every quarter. 

During these group coaching sessions we: 

  • Reset your money patterns

    Press stop on the patterns and behaviours you have had with money that is no longer working for you. You will investigate what you want to change and how you are going to change it. We will get specific - money needs us to be specific! 
  • Start a Spending Plan 

    Nope. Not a budget. I call it a Spending Plan. Let's finally get your expenses all laid out in one place for you. It's time to choose what we spend our money and take control of how we spend it. Let's organize your financial life! 
  • Start paying off debt - stop sleepless nights

    You heard it right. We are making a plan for you to FINALLY start paying off your debt. You will come out of this group coaching with a plan to pay off your debt. Time to put your mind at ease and have a plan. 
  • Start a Savings Account and put money in it!

    Have you dreamed what it would be like to actually have money in a savings account? How it would it feel to be prepared for big events like the pandemic that happened? 
  • Discover your hopes and dreams

    Hello goals! What is one thing you would love to save for? What is something you would love to do? Let's make it happen for you!
  • Know that you are NOT alone! So many women feel this way!

    Group coaching is so beautiful in that you will be with women who know exactly how you are feeling. The support of myself and the group will make it possible for you to CRUSH it! Women supporting women is an amazing thing!





"Linda is the best! My behaviors and patterns around money were a train wreck. Working with Linda gave me the tools to completely transform my relationship with money. Linda offers hope, and concrete steps to turn that hope into everyday reality."


MaryJo Schimelpfenig

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