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Introducing Financial Sobriety School. 

Let's make sober decisions with your money.

What is Financial Sobriety?


Stopping the cycle of addictive spending, the shame spiral, spending hangover and start sober spending.

Create daily habits to stop accumulating debt, planning your spending, start saving for your hopes and dreams.

Have confidence as you put your financial literacy to use and make sober decisions with your money. 

Free lessons to help you

achieve Financial Sobriety.

Financial Sobriety School curriculum is based on our 7 Foundations of Financial Sobriety:

  1. Understanding the Financial Feelings
  2. Financial Sobriety Tools
  3. Financial Inventory
  4. Sober Spending
  5. Financial Literacy
  6. Surviving to Thriving 
  7. Financial Sobriety Strategy

Lessons are available for you to watch on YouTube, read on the blog, or listen to on your fave podcast provider.

Links below to access lessons. ⬇︎

Do you need support to work on your Financial Sobriety?

There are many ways that you can work with me. 

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Group Classes
  • Couples Coaching
  • Digital Course

I would love to support you and your financial sobriety. 

Tell me more!

I started Financial Sobriety School because I wanted a place for people to come and learn and know they aren't alone in their journey.

The message I hear from people daily is that it is really hard for them to talk about money. 

What if there was a place to come where you knew that everyone else was feeling what you were? 

Would that help support you? Would it help to know that what you are feeling is common and dare I say it...normal?

There is a HUGE stigma about talking about your overspending and debt. With Financial Sobriety School I want to SMASH that stigma. 

We are living in a society where it is encouraged to live beyond your means, overspend and accumulate debt but once you reach a place of stress, shame, anger, embarrassment there is nowhere to turn. 

You can turn to Financial Sobriety School. This is your soft place to land. 

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