Are you ready to break the cycle of impulse and addictive spending?

Join us for a free 3 day class that will have you feeling clear on how you want to spend YOUR money. 


  • Planning your spending. 
  • Making a spending plan.
  • Being mindful, aligned, clear and conscious about your spending decisions.
  • Understanding what you are trying to numb out when you impulsively spend money.
  • Pausing before you spend money to ensure it is in alignment with your plan.
  • Checking in with your feelings and how your body feels when you want to spend money. 
  • Knowing the "why" behind what you want to buy. 

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What will you do in the Sober Spending class?


There will be a lesson released daily that will include all the information you will need to plan your spending, make a spending plan and checking in with your money. 

Each lesson is approximately 10 minutes and the exercises will take you 20 minutes max. 

You will be able to put planning your spending into action and then start to track what you are spending while connecting to your money. 

You will be a sober spender! 

I'm IN!

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