Hi, I'm Linda Parmar

Certified Money Coach©

Certified Professional Recovery Coach

She Recovers® Coach

Big things have happened. I have recently left my job as a Financial Advisor that I had for 20 years. I left my position as I had been doing my money coaching on the side for two years. Money Coaching is my passion and it became clear to me on what I needed to pursue full time. I love what I do. 

Let's back up a bit, I want you to know where I have come from and where I am now. 

I was a financial disaster. Yes, you read that right, a DISASTER. I worked in the financial industry but I wasn't paying attention. 

I got sober in March 2014. I wish I could tell you that when this happened it got better. It didn't. It actually got worse in regards to my spending. I was looking for things outside of myself to make myself happy. I was emotionally spending money, impulsive buying was something I was VERY familiar with. 

In 2016 is when I really started to work on my spending issues and my passion of my recovery really started. My mentor suggested I become a money coach. That initially felt like I would be a fraud since I was such a mess financially. Someone said to me "Sometimes you need to teach what you have to learn". Life changing moment. 

I started my money coach training which involved me getting my own money coaching. I got the opportunity to really work through my "stuff" and it was life changing. I continued to finish my Money Coaching Certification and in the meantime I also completed my She Recovers® Coach training and my Certified Recovery Coach training.

I officially became a Recovery Coach that specializes in Financial Recovery. 

I continue everyday to work my Financial Recovery and focus on what is right for me and my relationship with money. It is such beautiful experience and I love that my life now involves everything money! So grateful. 

My coaching style is to really focus on your relationship with money. I love to start with how you currently feel about money and focus on what you want to change and how to do that. If we can change our behaviours then the numbers will change with it. I love getting specific with my clients on goals THEY want to achieve and what feels good to them. 

It starts with the foundation on how you feel and what you want to change. Running numbers can be overwhelming but it gets ALOT easier when you know why you want to pay attention to your money. 

I am living proof that you can turn your story around. I never thought I would feel financially free. I never thought it was possible. It is. 

You're worth it. 

Linda xo


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