Linda Parmar Coaching

Hi, I'm Linda. 

I am a Certified Money Coach©, Professional Recovery Coach and She Recovers© Coach who helps support women in their relationship with money. 


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One on One Coaching

Money Coaching can be a very individual process. I offer one on one coaching to give you the attention you and your money need to be successful.

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I hold my workshop "Roadmap to Financial Recovery" online and in person. This workshop takes you step by step on how to change your relationship with money. 


Group Coaching

Sometimes Money Coaching feels so good when you are amongst women who know exactly what you are going through. When women come together they heal. 

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Money can be overwhelming, I can help.

I use unique coaching techniques to help my clients solve their common problems associated with money choices, patterns and day to day management of money issues. Money Coaching enables me to assist you in identifying and moving beyond your restrictions. 

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Financial Chaos is the symptom, Money Coaching is the solution.

Does money keep you up at night? Do you constantly feel shame and guilt when it comes to your spending habits? Are you living beyond your means? Do your finances feel out of control? These are just a few things I hear from clients everyday. You are not alone and I can help you feel free. 

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