Hi, I'm Linda

I am a Certified Money Coach©  for women who are ready to repair their relationship with money. 

Our relationship with money can keep us stuck in vicious cycles of shame, anger and embarrassment just to name a few. 

I am here to help you with that. 

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Did you know overspending is rooted in experiences from childhood?

Knowledge is POWER!

Understand where these patterns come from so you can have FREEDOM to take control of your spending habits!

I have made a 10 minute workbook for you to understand your overspending!

 Get started on your journey to money freedom today. 

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Financial Chaos is the symptom,

Money Coaching is the solution.

I almost lost my home and I have never been so scared. 

I'm not kidding when I say I create a judgement free zone. I have hit bottom and have worked my way up. 

Now I am so passionate and committed to helping women repair their relationship with money and themselves so they can be free to live a burden free life filled with joy and peace. 


More about me

I love coaching women to transform their relationship with money. 

My one-on-one coaching and group programs are for women who are stuck in patterns and behaviours that are no longer serving them and are ready to start to take the power back with their money. 

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"Working with and learning from Linda has helped me face my money fears and get on track with my spending. A lot of daily anxiety around money has been lifted and I am well on my way to meeting some longer term money goals now! It's more than learning how to budget, Linda gets to the heart of your money story so you can heal your financial wounds."

Dana Lee

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