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Hi, I'm Linda


I am a Financial Sobriety Expert and founder of Financial Sobriety School.
I support women (or those who identify as women & non-binary individuals) and couples who are ready to stop the cycle of overspending, impulsive spending, obsessive spending and addictive spending.
Our spending can keep us stuck in vicious cycles of shame, anger and embarrassment just to name a few. It will get better. I am here to help you with that. Do you want to chat more?
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Options for every stage of your journey with Financial Sobriety.

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Instant access to 8 module course that takes you step by step to achieve Financial Sobriety.

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Customized individual support for what you need to heal your relationship with money find Financial Sobriety.


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I have turned my mess into my message

 After struggling with a shopping addiction for way too many years I am now making it my mission to help people achieve financial sobriety.

Do you struggle with impulsive, compulsive overspending? Same. I used to be exactly where you are. 

I have founded Financial Sobriety School to give you the support you need to break the cycle of addictive spending. 

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Financial Sobriety School has changed my life. I am finally able to make spending decisions that I am proud of. I even have money in my savings and paying off my debt. 

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What is Financial Sobriety?


 Stopping the cycle of addictive spending, the shame spiral, spending hangover and start sober spending.

Create daily habits to stop accumulating debt, planning your spending, start saving for your hopes and dreams.

Have confidence as you put your financial literacy to use and make sober decisions with your money.

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Stop the cycle of impulsive overspending. 

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