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Lesson 12 - Surviving to Thriving with your money

Jul 04, 2023

What does thriving with money mean to you? I would love for you to take a moment and picture how you would look if you were thriving with money. What would that feel like? 

You are worthy to go from surviving to thriving with your money. 

Most of us are in survival mode when it comes to money. A state of scarecity. Trauma responses. Stress. Fear. What are some other words that come to mind to you when you think about what money feels like with money? 

Going from surviving to thriving is the 6th foundation of Financial Sobriety School. 

What I mean by going from surviving to thriving is starting to move the dial so we aren't stuck in survival mode with money. Even if it's just a small move of the dial it will feel HUGE. 

When we start the process of coming out of survival mode we are really getting to the heart of our money. Listening to our hearts. What do we need with our money? 

Here are some journaling prompts I have for you to dive in a little bit to moving the dial: 

  • How do I feel about my money?
  • How do I show up for my money?
  • How do I want to show up for my money?
  • What current habits do I have with money that are working for me?
  • What am I grateful for with my money?
  • What am I agraid of with my money?
  • What are 2 small but significant steps can I take to thrive with my money?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself to really start connecting to your heart and money. 

With money you may have realized it's really not about the money. It's about our emotions, our reactions, our narratives, our childhood and so many other parts. 

Coming out of survival mode will take you time. Healing our relationship with money does not happen in a short amount of time. Our habits and patterns that we have with money will take some time to untangle. 

We all probably understand survival mode. 

According to Merriam-Webster the definition of thriving is: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances. I think this is so powerful. 

What I take this is thriving means progress. Moving forward. Taking small but significant steps to feel like you are making progress with your money. 

Can't wait to hear what steps you are going to take to start to THRIVE with your money!


 All the money love sent your way, 


Linda Parmar
Financial Sobriety Expert