It's time to RESET your Money.

Let's put out that dumpster fire of 2020 and reset our money.



There's NO better time than NOW



Hi.....I'm Linda


Raise your hand if this past year has been super hard on your finances? How about if the past year has made you realize you have to figure out your finances? 

I see lot's of hands raised.

This is why I created a group coaching program specifically about this.

It's time for a fresh start. 

This year has taught me ALOT and most importantly it has taught me that you need help with your money. 

I help women in recovery with their relationship with money.

I have been sober from alcohol for 6.5 years and counting! When I was into my recovery for two years it was obvious I needed to change my behaviours with money. 

Today I can proudly say that money is something that I appreciate and the lessons it has taught me in my recovery. 

Are you ready for a fresh start? 

I can't wait for you to join me!

~ Linda Parmar, Certified Money Coach©, Certified Professional Recovery Coach, She Recovers ® Coach




Group Coaching January 2021 -

6 weeks

Starting January 20, 2021

6 LIVE Coaching calls on Wednesday January 20, January 27, February 3, February 10, February 17, February 24 at 4:00 PST/7:00 EST

Cheers to the crazy times we have had this year but...BYE FELICIA! 



Let's hit the refresh button on this past year. Let's have a fresh start. 

Sounds good, right!?

Here's what we will cover in the

6 week Group Coaching Sessions - 


  • Reset your money

    Press stop on the patterns and behaviours you have had with money that is no longer working for you. You will investigate what you want to change and how you are going to change it. We will get specific - money needs us to be specific! 
  • Start a Spending Plan 

    Nope. Not a budget. I call it a Spending Plan. Let's finally get your expenses all laid out in one place for you. It's time to choose what we spend our money and take control of how we spend it. Let's organize your financial life! 
  • Start paying off DEBT - Stop sleepless nights

    You heard it right. We are making a plan for you to FINALLY start paying off your debt. You will come out of this group coaching with a plan to pay off your debt. Time to put your mind at ease and have a plan. 
  • Start a Savings Account and put money in it!

    Have you dreamed what it would be like to actually have money in a savings account? How it would it feel to be prepared for big events like the pandemic that happened? 
  • Figure out your hopes and dreams

    Hello goals! What is one thing you would love to save for? What is something you would love to do? Let's make it happen for you!
  • Know that you are NOT alone! So many women feel this way!

    Group coaching is so beautiful in that you will be with women who know exactly how you are feeling. The support of myself and the group will make it possible for you to CRUSH it! Women supporting women is an amazing thing!

Pricing Options

I have set up two pricing options to help support you during this hard financial time. Pick what one is best for you!

Two Payment Options

2 x $139

One payment now, next payment on July 24,2020

Set me up for two payments!

One Time Payment


Let's do this!

Fixing your Finances

You will receive six weeks of instruction to come out of this with a spending plan, savings plan, debt repayment plan AND best of all - peace of mind around your money. 

Weekly Live Calls

Once a week we will meet as a group and have a coaching session surrounding the weekly topic. The group will be smaller to keep it aligned to help support your individual money needs. 


We will have a private Facebook group specifically for our group where you will have access to myself and the group to support you through the six weeks. 

"I am finally able to let go of the shame and guilt that I had about all of my debt. Through the coaching program I learned that it was time to change my behaviour now or else I would never start paying it off. I now have my debt repayment plan and I see a light at the end of my tunnel" "

Group Coaching Client - Winter 2019

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


  • Your Money, Your Recovery 6 week Group Coaching - $650
  • Private Facebook Group - $50
  • Spending Plan, Spending Plan, Debt Repayment Plan - $250
  • Peace of Mind and a Good Nights Sleep - Priceless

Total Value: $ 950

YOUR COST = $ 247

That's a savings of $703.00!

I am offering this at a HUGELY discounted rate because I know money isn't easy.

I wanted to make the program accessible for everyone. 

I am here to help you with your finances. 

One Time Payment


Pay in full and SAVE


2 x Payments of


Make it TWO payments

" I feel a lightness around the topic of money that I’ve never felt before. It used to feel heavy, it doesn't anymore"

Marilyn, Group Coaching Client Spring 2020

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