Do you and your spouse have a hard time with your money?

My goal in my couples coaching is to create a place for you and your spouse to start working on your relationship with money, together. 

Money is one of the top 3 reasons on why couples separate or get a divorce. I want to help support couples to change this statistic. 

When we are in relationships it is so hard to start the conversation about money if it brings up hard emotions. The conversations can be emotionally charged and you feel like you get nowhere. 

This is why I am honoured to coach couples and walk them through healing their relationship with money so they can have a bright financial future, together. 

Couples Coaching

My Financial Sobriety customized coaching program is designed to meet you and your spouse where you are on your money journey. 

Sometimes as a couple there is a lot of conflict when it comes to money. I am here to help you come together with your money.

Here are some things we will explore: 

  • Your money story. What you both have experienced in your lives with money and how is that affecting your relationship with money now. Exploring your money stories together can help bring you and your spouse to a common understanding of why you are the way you are with money. This important step will help to set the foundation on moving forward with your money as a couple.
  • Being in a trauma informed space to help facilitate conversations about your money. 
  • Understanding your patterns and behaviours with money and why you are doing what you do and how to change what no longer serves you as a couple. 
  • Creating action steps to start to heal your money story as a couple.
  • Connecting to the emotions surrounding how money has affected your life and how you want to move forward in your relationship with money. 
  • Work on a common goal together with your money. 
  • Put into place a plan to payoff your debt and start saving money.
  • Put together a spending plan (aka budget) and following through with sticking to your plan.
  • Track your spending.
  • Accountability to me with support to follow up with action steps to empower you with your money.

Want to talk more? I would LOVE to support you and your relationship with money. 

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Four Month Coaching Package

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Four Month Coaching Package

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Four Month Coaching Package

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The four month coaching package includes 12 sessions. Every week for the first 2 months and bi-weekly for last 2 months.


My spending addiction affected our relationship. 


Money has been one of the biggest things that my husband and I have worked on. It has been really hard. 

My husband had no idea how much money we owed when I was at the peak of my spending addiction. He was beside himself when I was FINALLY honest. 

It has been a long road but my husband and I have been dedicated to our financial recovery together as a couple. 

We have been there. I know how hard money can affect a relationship. 

We recorded a few podcast episodes about how we have healed together. So proud to share our story to help support other couples who are struggling.

Listen HERE!



"Our relationship was failing because of money. My husband and I could not talk about money without it being a heated conversation. Linda led us through her process, we set good boundaries and had an action plan on how to change this. We are so proud to say that with this work we understand and respect each other so much more."