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Guide will include:


  • details of everything you need for financial success and how to get it.


  • spending plan (aka budget) template.


  • link to free facebook group that will support you with your money.


  • Link to podcast recorded just for you with even more TIPS and TRICKS for your money!


  • so much more and I can't list it all here in this small space!


Yes! I want to get rid of my money stress!

Hi....I'm Linda

I am a woman who has been in recovery from alcohol for 6 years and counting. My recovery is the best thing that has happened to me. 

I was a Financial Advisor for 20 years in the banking industry in Canada and my recovery has brought me the realization about how much women in recovery need support with their finances. 

I left my corporate job in 2019 and now working full-time working as a Recovery Coach who specializes in Financial Recovery ℠. 

I have received my designations as Certified Money Coach©, She Recovers® Coach, Certified Professional Recovery Coach and Financial Recovery℠ Counsellor. 

I am so excited your here! Download my free guide with 8 Steps to fill your Financial First-Aid Kit and MEND your money!

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Download the FREE guide with the 8 steps to filling your

Financial First-Aid Kit and mending your MONEY!


Testimonial from Sarah about the Financial First-Aid Kit Guide

"I loved how Linda broke it down into different items I needed to be able to start taking control of my money. It is simply laid out and was really easy to follow and I have been able to implement and have started to fill my financial first-aid kit and it FEELS SO GOOD!" 

Does Money Stress You Out?

Let's face it, money is a HUGE elephant in the room that stresses most people out. With your Financial First-Aid Kit it will bring you the information you need to remove the stress and start getting ahead with your money. 

YES, Money Stresses ME out!

What does a Financial First-Aid Kit Mean?

A Financial First-Aid Kit is a metaphor (shocking right!?) but think of it as a metaphor that will FINALLY organize all the things you need to start getting ahead with your money. Let's MEND your money! 

I want the Financial First-Aid Kit

Are You So Overwhelmed With Money You Don't Know Where To Start?

This kit is for YOU! I created the Financial First-Aid Kit to help break down the 8 things you need and how to get them. Let's get you the info you need to  START mending your Money. 

Yes, Money Overwhelms Me!