Ready to work on your Financial Sobriety?


 Introducing - SPENT.

8 week Group Coaching Program.


April 1 - May 20, 2024


Stop impulsive overspending, accumulating debt and have peace with your money. 


Do you want to stop overspending?

Do you need support you with a group of peeps who understand what you are struggling with?

Do you make money but have no idea where it goes?

Want to stop spending your paycheque before you get it?

Ready to stop relying on your credit cards because you are impulsively spending money?


Come join us for the 8 week Group Coaching program -  SPENT. 



One Payment

$374 CAD


3 Payments

$125 CAD /month


I have been EXACTLY where you are. 


When I got sober from alcohol in 2014 I transferred my addiction from alcohol to spending money. 

I was trying to buy happiness. 

Working as a Financial Advisor I was in a professional career, making money but I had no idea where my money was going. I was constantly using my credit cards thinking it was my money, pulling funds from my retirement accounts to pay off credit cards and using the equity in my house as a wallet.

I was stuck in an impulsive behaviour of spending money I didn't have. 

The weight of shame, anger, embarrassment kept me stuck for years. The stress of it caused me to spend more money. 

I kept quiet about my debt, spending and all my feelings because I thought I was alone. What I have learned in my time is that I was not alone.


Now that I have been working my Financial Sobriety for 7 years I now recover out loud because I want to remove the stigma of talking about our money.

Do you want to join a group of other peeps who are exactly where you are?

Join us for the next group coaching program - SPENT.

What will we achieve when we work together as a group?

  • Understand your spending and release the heavy weight of the shame that is keeping you stuck in the overspending cycle.
  • Understand your impulsively¬†spending and start to make different choices.
  • Make peace with your past financial decisions and feel hope and confidence with new spending habits.
  • Start feeling physically and mentally free of the obsession to buy happiness.
  • Understand the feelings, circumstances that you are trying to numb out with shopping.¬†
  • Create a spending plan and understand exactly what comes in and out of your accounts and make conscious & aligned decisions with your money.
  • Start paying off your debt while starting to save money.¬†
  • Connect with your money story and understand why you are stuck in overspending and create action steps to achieve Financial Sobriety.¬†
  • Go from being in survival mode with your money to THRIVING in your Financial Sobriety.
  • Feel excited and proud of what you are accomplishing with your money.

One Payment

$374 CAD


3 Payments

$125 CAD /month


Financial Sobriety School's Group Class - Spent.


 You are worthy of Financial Sobriety.


 The course begins on


Monday April 1, 2024 - May 20, 2024


Facebook Group for support with

  1 Weekly LIVE Group Class


There will be weekly videos to watch

and weekly live classes.


This will take approximately 1.5 hours of your week. 



I never thought I would be able to feel any hope about my money. 

Attended one of Linda's group coaching program and it has changed my life. 

Everyday I have a practice of checking in on my spending and have a process in place if I feel the impulse to spend. 

The group I was a part of felt so good. I knew I wasn't alone. 

HIGHLY recommend Linda's group coaching program. 

Teresa E. 

What is Financial Sobriety?


Financial Sobriety is stopping the cycle of addictive impulsive spending, the shame spiral, spending hangover and start sober spending. You will create daily habits to stop accumulating debt, planning your spending, start saving for your hopes and dreams. Have confidence as you put your financial literacy to use and make sober decisions with your money.

Spent. is the group class that is going to take you through the 5 steps to break free from impulsive spending: 

  1. Understanding Financial Feelings
  2. Identifying Triggers
  3. Financial Inventory
  4. Sober Spending
  5. Financial Sobriety Tools

The 5 steps will take you from feeling out of control with your spending to feeling hopeful for your Financial Sobriety. 

One Payment

$374 CAD


3 Payments

$125 CAD /month


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