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Lesson 23 - What were you taught about money as a child?

Mar 25, 2024

A message I often hear from people is that they were never taught about money as a kid. 


This is extremely common. 


There can sometimes be resentments that are being held against parents because they never taught us about money. 


Unfortunately your parents also haven’t been taught about money. Your parents may have also experienced an economy of high interest rates, lived through the great depression or one of the many wars. Their experience with money gets passed down to you.


A recent study that I saw said that 67% of people do not talk about money. They don’t talk about it with their parents, partners, business partners and mostly they don’t even talk about it with themselves. 


I bet the 33% of people that do talk about money talk about what they spent money on, the deal they got, the mass amount of purchases they made at the outlet mall or that money is actually going really well for them.


Can you imagine if we actually talked about how we are struggling with money?! No wonder there is so much shame about our money!


Money is an energy that rules the world in so many ways and overall our society doesn’t feel comfortable talking about our financial situation. 



My mission is to remove the stigma of shame about money. Let’s START TALKING about how we struggle with money. 


Let’s NORMALIZE talking about what feels hard about money so that we can start to support each other WITHOUT judgment.


The truth about not learning about money as a child is that we did learn about it, but it was probably arguments with your parents, understanding that your family didn’t have money without anyone actually saying it, or even you understood your family didn’t have money because they talked about it all the time. 


One question I ask peeps when I first start working with them is, what was the energy of money in your house when you grew up? What comes to mind when you read this question?


What is the first memory that came up? This memory probably gives you clues into what your relationship with money is now. 


I have been studying behaviours people have with money for many years now. What always rings true is what you learned about money as a kid, unconsciously, is often how you treat your money now. 


It’s not your fault, but it’s your turn to learn about money and change your relationship with money. 


It is completely possible to turn around your money story. 


Understanding why we were or weren’t taught about money, whether it was a conscious decision or not by your parents or loved ones closest to you, it can help start the process of working on your money. 


You are worthy of Financial Sobriety.