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Money habits - What is no longer serving you?

Sep 21, 2021

Have you been waiting for tomorrow to stop a certain habit you have with money?

Overspending ✅

Charging everything on a credit card but can’t afford to pay it off ✅

Avoiding looking at our money (online banking, statements, bills) ✅

Eating out too much ✅

Mindlessly spending ✅

Amazon orders ✅

Impulse purchases ✅

Robbing Peter to pay Paul ✅

Numbing out on online shopping ✅

 And soooooooo many more! Did any of these resonate with you?


💲 Journaling prompt: What habits are no longer serving you with money? 💲



In a perfect world we would feel ready. Sometimes we just need to take one small step.

When I first started working with my money, I did not feel ready. It felt like one of those things that I just needed to get going on because I just kept saying “tomorrow I will deal with it”.

Tomorrow never came but my excuses and avoidance did, every single day.

I avoided money for so long. The main thing that I was avoiding was my debt. I just kept spending and spending and spending (you get the idea). I would refinance every 6 months which felt like a get out of jail free card. I would just keep the overspending a daily habit and ignore the consequences.

We can only ignore the consequences for so long.


It was when I started to look at my money daily – logging into my online banking, tracking my spending and journaling when I felt an impulse to shop to see what was really going on that I started to feel free of what was no longer serving me and my money.

When we identify what is no longer serving us and our money it is time to start moving forward. Writing down and connecting to what is not working will help shed light and with that light is our “tomorrow”.

Daily habits are a great way to start to introduce the work on what is no longer serving us.

How can you make money a daily habit in your life? I did a podcast episode recently about this, listen to it right HERE.

Routine = happiness with my habits. What are you going to schedule today?

All the money love sent your way,

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