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Lesson 20 - Financial Sobriety Goals

Dec 29, 2023

It's that time of year - GOAL SEASON! 

2024 is quickly approaching us 🎉

What do you want to accomplish with your Financial Sobriety in the new year?

In this lesson we talk about getting clear and specific on what we want to do with our money. 

While new years resolutions can sometimes be a way people think about money, goals are way more specific and will help you succeed with what you want to accomplish. 

Resolutions can lack as they are broader plans that don't have a clear action plan. They can be a long term commitment with no specific end point. 

When we are talking about making a goal for your Financial Sobriety in 2024 we want your goal to be specific, measurable, timeline and  be able to track your progress.  The best part with having a goal is breaking down into actionable steps you can take and understanding the end goal and knowing when you will be there. 

Here are some of the questions that can help you break down what you want to do with your money in 2024: 

  •  What do you want to accomplish with your money in 2024? What is one specific step you can take to do this?
  •  What is a specific emotion you want to feel with your money in 2024? What is one specific step you can take to feel this?
  •  How will you know when you have achieved your emotional goal? What will you feel has changed for you?
  •  How will you know you have achieved your overall goal with money? How will it feel?
  •  What is one somatic tool you can use for your money and money mindset?
  •  How can you practice sober spending this year?

If you haven't seen the previous lessons regarding the 7 foundations of Financial Sobriety School please go back them as understanding the 7 foundations will help you overall with your Financial Sobriety: 

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  3. Financial Inventory:
  4. Sober Spending:
  5. Financial Literacy:
  6. Surviving to Thriving :
  7. Financial Sobriety Strategy:

So excited to host the 3rd annual Designing your 2024 Financial Vision! With this weeks lesson and the free class you will be hopeful and excited about your Financial Sobriety in 2024. I will be hosting it two days an at two different time: Saturday Jan 30th @ 10:30am pst/1:30pm EST and Tuesday January 2nd @ 4:00 pm PST/7:00 pm EST.

Sign up for the free class here:

Happy New Year and Happy Goal Setting for 2024!